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Zac Cowsert currently studies 19th-century U.S. history as a doctoral candidate at West Virginia University, where he also received his master's degree.  He earned his bachelor's degree in history and political science from Centenary College of Louisiana, a small liberal-arts college in Shreveport. Zac's research focuses on the involvement and experiences of the Five Tribes of Indian Territory (modern Oklahoma) during the American Civil War. His work has been published in North Louisiana History and the Chronicles of Oklahoma, as well as Hallowed Ground (magazine of the American Battlefield Trust). He is a regular presenter at academic conferences and Civil War Roundtables.

Outside of academia, Zac spent numerous summers working for the National Park Service in Civil War battlefields in Virginia.  He is also the proud owner of his fantasy football team "The Cowvalry," who despite a generally wretched record remain near and dear to his heart.

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