Top Ten Posts of 2018: #6-10

It is the end of another year and we are counting down the top ten posts published in 2018!

#10: Thoughts on a Year of Adjunct Teaching

Katie Thompson offers thoughts and reflections after a year of adjunct teaching.

#9: Reporting from the SHA: Animal Studies in the Civil War Era

Reporting from the Southern Historical Association session on Animal Studies in the Civil War Era. It was a lively discussion about the possibilities of using animal studies in the study of the war with a lot of great research ideas that came from both panelists and audience members.

#8: Hamilton: A Review and Thoughts on Revisionsim

A review of the smash Broadway hit, plus a few thoughts on revisionism.

#7: Reporting from the SHA: Defining Defeat—Three Approaches to Making Sense of Loss and the Confederate Experience

A Report from the SHA on a panel about how Confederates defined their defeat after the Civil War. Three fascinating papers on the topic from Amy Fluker, Ann Tucker, and Sarah Bowman.

#6: The Confederate Monument Controversy…in the 1890s

Confederate monuments are at the forefront of politics and national debate these days as American society grapples with the legacy of the Civil War and its aftermath. While this debate seems new and is situated in a modern society that is opening many meaningful, and sometimes divisive, conversations about history, race, and society, controversy over Confederate monuments is not necessarily new.